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For the past 5 years I have worked 100% from home. This means I started this lifestyle before it became hip and trendy in the workforce today, which was accelerated by the pandemic. I personally believe the pros far outweigh the cons of this lifestyle.

A great example is the fact that this morning is snowing with winds over 20 miles an hour and likely some ice built up on the roads. If I worked a traditional job outside the home, I would be having to fight the weather and traffic just to arrive to work in one piece.

This is probably the biggest pro for me with working from home. I disdain traffic and would not feel very comfortable driving in very bad weather on a daily basis. The other huge benefit for me is the fact that I get to control my indoor climate. No freezing to death nor too hot and dry like most stuffy offices.

I also don’t have listen to music which in my experience is often played by others in these new open plan office environments (Or even in retail) I get to eat when I want and what I want without spending extravagantly like you might when working near restaurants.

Best of all, working on weekends I don’t have to miss any of the football games as I can have them on while still working throughout my day. There are many other pros especially for folks with families but since I am single and living alone, I will move onto the cons.

The biggest downside to this lifestyle is the lack of social interaction. This isn’t as pronounced for those with partners and kids or even pets. But for those like me, it can be isolating. There are certainly times that I sometimes think it might be fun to be working in a retail place or space with more people.

Of course when I really think about it, I start dwelling on all the many pros of working from home and quickly start counting my blessings again. It is for this reason that I spend all 3 of my days off  almost completely outside the home.

It is the major factor as to why I enjoy being at shopping malls so much. Eventually, if I do end up moving to Downtown Minneapolis, I may look into part time co-working spaces. For now, I know that working from home is absolutely the right lifestyle for me.

  1. Good take on the realities of working from home. I agree that the lack of social interaction can make it hard at times. Just letting people know you are having a rough day is harder as you have to explicitly say something. Whereas in an office someone can see that you may be hanging your head. Creating a remote atmosphere that encourages us to share how things are going seems important.

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