Winter is Coming

As I sit down to write this post, it is currently 5 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill sitting at -15 degrees below zero! Never in my life have I ever experienced temperatures like this. I was born and raised in San Antonio where its currently 70 degrees as we speak. Are you kidding me?

I intentionally moved to Minnesota with the cold weather being one of the major factors of my decision. I got super tired of the heat especially the lack of seasonal change in weather. So far, I am extremely happy with my decision and am loving seeing the snow all over the sidewalks and roofs!

A lot of Minnesotans I talk to kinda think I am crazy. A lot of them say that eventually I will get tired of it and wish I hadn’t moved here. However, I disagree and I do love finding the few Minnesotans that actually enjoy winter as much as I do. I really think its all about different strokes for different folks.

The one negative thing that I am experiencing is the dry indoor air with extreme dust that is kicking my allergies in high gear. I am working on that now with a air purifier, warm mist humidifier, and allergy meds. I am hoping that my body will eventually adjust to that part about it.

I also feel that the extreme winter here will cause me to “warm up” to the idea of enjoying summer more as well. Also, the summer here is mild compared to back home in Texas. So I actually do think I am going to fall in love with the seasonal changes all year round here in beautiful Minnesota.


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