We Live With Choices

Our lives are designed by the choices we make. You can choose to live with regret or you can choose to have the courage to follow your desires and passions. You can choose to be loving or you can choose to be unkind. You can choose to be thoughtful or you can choose to be ignorant.

The beauty of this life we now have is our ability to choose. We go from being “nowhere” to “now-here” with ” – ” being the space in between birth and death. This space gives us the freedom to be the type of individuals we want to be.

Everything in our lives depends on the choices we make. I say, choose wisely. I am fascinated by our ability to design our lives the way we want. While we can’t control everything that happens to us, we can always choose how to respond. This is what personal response-ability is all about.

The next time you feel victim to anything in your life think on how you will choose to respond as this will begin to allow yourself to shape your circumstances rather than feel overwhelmed by them.

Take joy in your ability to choose. It is a wonderful gift in this space we call Life. Design the life you want and always remember to allow others the space to choose for themselves as well. We are all individuals with the gift of choice.

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