Watch your Past

On my day off this week I sat alone on my couch with eyes closed but wide awake. Instead of ruminating over current issues or trying to clear my mind, I decided to watch my past. What do I mean? I literally decided to think back to when I was a young boy and fast forward my entire life to present day.

This can be extremely fun and fascinating as you recall every little memory you can possibly remember. It is like watching a home movie of yourself within your imagination. Going from childhood through your teenage years to when you were a young adult you can see all the joys, triumphs, mistakes, and lessons you have learned along the way. This can lead to real insight into yourself.

What is really intersting about this practice is that if you do this on a regular occasion, no two sessions will ever be exactly alike. This is because your mind will recall things the next time that you didn’t in your current session. I’ve never done this on a regular basis but I think I may do this more often.

I would encourage anyone to do this when they have free quiet time to themselves. You never know what you can learn about yourself or your journey through life thus far. The insight could be vital to future growth opportunities and make you more self loving.

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