Treadmill or Walking?

So yeah, you may remember me being excited about finding the treadmill in my apartment gym to be a godsend due to the horrible weather outside. I figured this was the solution to not being able to take my daily walks outside.

However, I have found the treadmill to not be comfortable at all on your body. It does not resemble regular walking by any means. It has started causing me muscle cramps under my ribcage as well as neck pain among other things.

And yes, I realize I am probably doing it all wrong which only contributes to these issues. I saw online guides about how I am not using it properly. However, even when using it properly it isn’t like real walking.

So I am going to change it up. I will go back to regular walking as its easier on my body but I can’t do that outside. Instead, I will be walking the hallways in my building and possibly the underground garage as I have noticed other walkers doing the same here.

They must have realized the shortcomings of a treadmill walk as well. Walking means so much to me both physically and mentally so I got to do it!

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