Too much Information

Last night I scoured the internet for what seemed like hours for information on what could possibly be wrong with me based upon the symptoms I was experiencing. I was sick and have been so for a few weeks already.

I thought for sure it started out with a basic cold. I then got better a week later but suddenly got sick again just a few days after I felt well. Then it turned into a nasty cough due to a tickle in my throat. I kept self diagnosing myself and trying out different medicinal remdies and natural remedies for what I thought I was dealing with.

It started to get worse to the point that I couldn’t swallow properly and I thought things were getting stuck in my throat. This led to very high anxiety for a few days to the point I was scared to even eat. The internet was really no help last night. That drove my anxiety to new levels.

Have you ever gone on the internet to check out your symptoms, only to find out you have some rare disease usually only found in the elderly? Believe me, stuff like that scares the crap out of me. I can’t imagine what it does for all those out there who suffer serious anxiety issues.

Basically, I went to Urgent care this morning and all my fears were relieved. I have a Sinus infection which explains why I felt better than got worse. I have antibiotics now and should be healthy as an ox again soon. The point of all this is that there is too much information available at our fingertips these days thanks to the internet.

Everyone now has the ability to play doctor except that we forget we have no formal education in the subject and so we take the scariest possibilities and magnify them and start to tell ourselves scary little stories about how bad off we are. If this happens with our health imagine how this happens with conspiracy theorists.

The lack of formal education in a subject matter mixed with the sheer amount of various and sometimes conflicting information out there, its no wonder people start believing in dumb conspiracy theories. If someone intelligent like me can do this with fear of their health, I can start to see how easy it is to fall for beliefs that are completely unfounded.

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