The Trinity of Life

Have you ever wondered what life was all about? Why certain things happen to you and not to others? Or, have you gone through life believing that life has no point at all? I am here to present a unique way of looking at life and at all those events that happen to us and around us.

I call it the Trinity of Life. The idea is that there are 3 reasons why anything in life happens, whether that be to you or to the world at large. Usually, people like to group things and events in their lives in one of two buckets, good or bad. I propose a different way of seeing things that might open you up to more blessed life.

The Trinity of Life as I see it, is as follows:

1. Entertainment (because the Universal Spirit is not boring)

2. Education (Life Lessons)

3. Skill Sharpening (Things that make us better at something we’ve already learned before)

When you are a child you start out in life in a phase that is predominantly dominated by the Entertainment portion of the Trinity. Leaning to play is part of your development as a human. As you exit your toddler years you are then introduced to schooling which enters you into the phase of life dominated by the second phase of the Trinity, Education.

And as you get older and graduated High School and College you start to enter the last phase of the Trinity which is Skill Sharpening. This is when you take all that you have learned in Education and build on it so that you can add value to the world. However, that is just the simplified version of this because we actually go through each of these phases throughout our lives. Some adults sadly never leave the Entertainment phase of the Trinity.

Those adults who don’t are forever “class clowns” in the school of life. These types of adults are ones who don’t vote because they think it doesn’t affect them or adults who vote consistently against their own best interests because they follow the angry anti government crowd (think kids who say “you’re not the boss of me”)

They sit at the back of the room of life trying to distract all the rest of the adults who are truly trying to learn from their lessons in life. With that being said, Entertainment does indeed play a very important role in every adult’s life and in the world at large. As I mentioned previously, the Universal Spirit is not boring. The issue arises when people confuse all of life to just be for their entertainment. You have to learn life lessons in order to discern which events belong in which category of the Trinity.

There is a lot more that I could say on this topic but to keep this blog post short I will close with this final thought. If you love to be entertained, love to learn new things and love to get better at those things which you are good at then you will have a blessed life. Consistently add value to the world around you while not allowing the “class clowns” to divert you from your path.

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