The Snowy Blues

So today was my last day off of my work week and I spent it being a little blue. Sadly I was stuck inside all day as it was a big snowstorm that just would not let up. So bad that the apartment’s parking lot was just piles of snow.

I loved all the snow days in December, it was beautiful. I hate to admit it, but what others that live here have been telling me all this time, just might be true. After awhile, it just plain sucks. Especially for someone from Texas who knows nearly no one here.

Living alone and working from home in a strange place, especially during a winter with Covid is starting to get to me. I am sure I will start to shake this off eventually. But for now, I am trying to occupy my time with tv shows and good books. And my new daily routine of a 2 mile walk on treadmill at the gym.

I will be honest, I am not so sure I want to spend another winter in Minnesota next year. I think a lot has to change and happen for me here in the next 4-5 months in order to decide to stay. Maybe I will stay but then spend 3 months out of the year in Texas? We will see though, playing it by ear as much as I possibly can.

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