The Shopping Mall

Say what you will about shopping malls, but I absolutely love them. I find myself visiting one or two different malls each and every week on my days off. You must think that actually gets expensive. Truth is, I don’t actually shop or spend any money outside a small coffee!

Because I work 100% from my own home, my days off require me to get out of the apartment to avoid going absolutely stir crazy. This is especially true since I live alone. But, why shopping malls? I find that people are fully “alive” at malls and are enjoying being social.

I enjoy people watching and I seem to get that from my mother. She always said she would love to have become a Sociologist. I love watching the way people interact with each other as I tend to be a huge thinker and philosopher of sorts. The mall is the perfect central location to see all kinds of people in one place.

The shopping mall doesn’t have any creed or specific requirements to enjoy it’s offerings. It makes it a place where people of all creeds, races, and backgrounds come together under one roof to enjoy social interaction. Some say the mall is dying and being replaced by E-commerce.

I actually don’t believe that at all. Sure, some malls are indeed dying or have already shuttered. However, I think there will always be a place where people will want to come together to enjoy the social interactions that a shopping mall provides. I do believe the mall will evolve and there will be fewer of them, but will be larger.

The beautiful thing about living in Minnesota now is the sheer abundance of shopping malls all within 30 minutes of my place. Most all the suburbs here have their own shopping mall. This makes the variety of malls I can go to on a weekly basis an even more fun experience. Each one has a different vibe and culture.

Best of all, I live less than 30 minutes away from the largest shopping mall in the entire United States, the Mall of America. For a mall lover like me, its a paradise of people from all walks of life. So, if you ever find yourself bored to tears on a day off, I recommend going to your local mall. You might find that you surprisingly enjoy it.

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