The Minneapolis Skyway

I spent a wonderful afternoon walking through the Downtown Minneapolis Skyway system for the first time ever. I just learned that the enclosed Skyway is 9.5 miles of indoor walking you can do. It connects so many of the Downtown buildings to one another.

Today was the perfect day for this considering it was -21 below zero wind chill! So many restaurants, shops, banks, and apartments can be found through this maze of a walkway above ground. I toured one of those apartments called The Nic on 5th.

It was certainly nice and definitely convenient to everything downtown. I am not 100% sold on it though as the amenities for the building were kind of lackluster compared to where I currently live as well as when compared to some other downtown properties. But still, perfect location for sure.

I still don’t know for sure what I will do come July when my lease is up. But, I do have to decide by May 1st. I will allow the events of Jan, Feb, March, and April help me decide what I want to do with the remainder of the year. Doing my best to take it one day at a time and enjoy everything I can as it comes.

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