The Cereal Aisle

Today I went to the Grocery story and started to browse the cereal aisle which I almost never do. But, I had time today as I was off and I started to have memories of all the cereals my grandma would by me and my cousins growing up.

Being the adult I am, I started to look at the Nutritional facts on the back of all the boxes. OMG, the cereals I grew up on are literally nothing but sugar. Like literally no nutritional value of any kind. Even what little vitamins that are inĀ  them are like 10% daily value of each etc.

The cereal I eat now is All Bran Buds which is extremely healthy and I would never touch this kind of thing as a kid. I did manage to find an alternative to my usual go to cereal as an evening snack. Special K Protein with 15 grams of protein per serving! And my oh my, it is actually delicious!

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