Take Care of Your Vehicle

Less than two years away from turning 40 and for some reason it took me this long to realize how much care our physical body needs in this life. Up until now, I cared so much for my mind and Spirit and completely neglected my body. However, our body is the very vehicle of our mind and Spirit.

How foolish I feel to have been so cavalier with things as important as my diet, exercise, skincare, and even my teeth. It took me until the age of 36 to finally admit to myself I needed braces. And thankfully, I did something about it!

It is now as I am facing difficulties with GERD (Acid reflux) that I am determined to do something about my diet. I can no longer be laser focused on only my mind and Spirit any longer. Our Spirit drives our body as the vehicle through this worldly journey we are all on. Without our body, this journey is over.

The healthier this vehicle is for the journey, the less pain and suffering we will go through. We can’t always fix everything that ails us, but we can certainly treat our bodies with the compassion and self love it deserves. No excuses!

Today, I told myself that I was sorry for neglecting this body for so many years and I meant it. I made an appointment to see a Gastroenterologist to help get to the bottom of things. And I am improving my diet to avoid further complications. My body is worthy of the same self love that my mind and Spirit is.


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