Sitting Quietly Alone

In the 1600’s, a French philosopher by the name of Blaine Pascal said something so wise that it’s truth could not be more important here in 2021. He said “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”.

I emphasized the word quietly because as I talk to more and more people, I realize how so many folks enjoy listening to music or podcasts when they are by themselves. While there is nothing inherently wrong with either of those things, I do feel most people are missing a key ingredient to lead more successful lives.

Quiet time adds more value to one’s life than any podcast or song could ever add. There is always time for good tunes or intelligent discussions from podcasts, but not at the expense of personal quiet time. Learning to carve out some time for just you in a room with your thoughts and feelings is vital to your mental health.

Every morning when I wake up, I sit on my couch for an entire hour with nothing but a cup of coffee and my thoughts and feelings. No phone, no music, no TV, just pure golden silence. This is definitely a luxury of living completely alone. But this should not be something only single people enjoy!

You have to find ways to have your own quiet time whether its in the morning or at night when the kids are in bed. It is in this quiet time that we learn more about ourselves and allows us to process recent events in our lives without the excess noise from the outside world. Yes, it is okay to talk to yourself!

The more we talk to ourselves and the more we learn about ourselves, the easier it becomes to “Know Thyself” and in turn we can begin to wholly love ourselves. When you learn to really love yourself, you can begin to learn to love others completely without judgement. This is what was meant when Jesus said “Love thy neighbor as thyself”

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