Payday & Groceries

Today was Payday which meant it was Budgeting day as well as grocery runs! I was all over town today as I went to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Cub Foods, and even Target. I actually enjoyed myself as I usually do when I get out of the apartment, no matter what I am doing.

I also had a delicious breakfast for lunch at a local chain called Perkin’s, their pancakes and bacon are out of this world good. I then spent a good portion of the late afternoon at my friend’s house for good conversation and such. Overall, a wonderful day off!

Tomorrow is my “Monday” so its back to the grind. I will say it feels so damn good to be healthy again! The sinus infection has been completely gone for awhile now and recently I have found that my issues with swallowing and digestion are also gone. If it stays that way, hallelujah! OH also, the humidifier works wonders!

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