Paranormal Activity

Many years ago back in San Antonio, I was an avid “Ghost Hunter” aka Paranormal investigator. I was so fascinated by the possibility of ghosts that I created my own Paranormal investigation group called “San Antonio Ghost Chasers” complete with custom Tshirts and everything.

I was only 18 at the time but I managed to actually get a group of 10 complete strangers to sign up and take part in actual ghost hunting expeditions with me. We visited some amazing places such as an extremely haunted abandoned home made of limestone with a basement straight out of a horror movie.

We had some very interesting experiences in this home in particular especially involving the Ouija board. We once sat in the first floor of the 3 story home and asked the Board to make some type of noise to confirm its presence. I kid you not, one minute later we heard the loudest sound upstairs of glass shattering everywhere!

I was always the bravest one in the group so I decided we must go upstairs to check it out. As me and one other went upstairs, some others ran outside screaming. Once upstairs we found nothing. No shattered glass anywhere to be found. It was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had when ghost hunting.

Sadly, this home was recently completely demolished for the new Texas A&M University San Antonio Campus. I have no doubts that this place must be extremely haunted. The home itself was so haunted that it actually appeared in a book about confirmed haunted locations in Texas.

Thankfully, I have some very cool photos of this place from some of our ghost hunts there. I include some photos of this home below. Now that I live in Minnesota I do hope to continue more ghost adventures by forming a new group of interested ghost hunters. To be continued…


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