Recommended Books

Here are some of my recommended books that I hope ... Read more Recommended Books

Daily Tarot Cards

Our subconscious mind is more powerful than we mig ... Read more Daily Tarot Cards

We Live With Choices

Everything in our lives depends on the choices we ... Read more We Live With Choices

Paranormal Activity

Many years ago back in San Antonio, I was an avid ... Read more Paranormal Activity

Magical Mysteries

Are we the Universe experiencing itself in human f ... Read more Magical Mysteries

My Journey So Far….

San Antonio, Spokane, San Francisco, Taiwan, Austi ... Read more My Journey So Far….

Too much Information

The lack of formal education in a subject matter m ... Read more Too much Information

What Do You Know?

Have you ever asked yourself, "what do I really kn ... Read more What Do You Know?

YNAB for Life

Proper money habits or ways to handle your money j ... Read more YNAB for Life

Winter is Coming

I intentionally moved to Minnesota with the cold w ... Read more Winter is Coming

Work from Home Life

Working from home: I personally believe the pros f ... Read more Work from Home Life
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