My Journey So Far….

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, also known as the “Alamo City”. It was at the age of 18 right after high school that I felt I needed to escape. My Uncle was living in Spokane Washington at the time and convinced me to come out there and live with him.

I jumped at the opportunity and off to Spokane I went. However, that only lasted a month as I was extremely bored there and terribly homesick for my familiar environment. When I returned to San Antonio, I managed to land a job and get my first very own apartment.

It was a horribly run down apartment complex then and even worse now called Park at Presa. But, at the age of 18 it was a dream come true. An apartment I could call my own and invite whoever I wanted over whenever I wanted?! The freedom that I got there was an amazing experience that I will always cherish.

Years later at the age of 23 I realized that I was not growing much at all in my hometown doing the same thing year after year with the same people. Again, I needed to escape. The only place as a young LGBT I could think of was San Francisco California, the gay capital of the world.

I first went for a 2 week vacation and stayed with someone I met in an online chat room! We ended up hitting it off right away and two months later, he asked me to come move in with him. Again, I jumped at the opportunity and off to San Francisco I went. This changed my life forever.

I managed to land an amazing job at a young Startup called Ingenio which invented Pay Per Call advertising and got my own apartment in the beautiful Outer Sunset district of SF to began a single life again. I lived in San Francisco for 8 wonderful years during which time I made multiple long trips to Taiwan.

After 8 years, I ended up moving to Austin, Texas to be closer to home but in a place I hadn’t experienced before. After just 1 year, I ended up going back to San Antonio as the distance to visit friends was not convenient. I then spent another 6 years in San Antonio after again needing to have a fresh start.

This now brings me to the present day where I am living in the beautiful Twin Cities of Minnesota! I wanted to be in a place with a much colder climate after way too many hot sticky days in San Antonio that extended well into December each year. I also wanted to be in a much more open minded political climate.

How long will I be living in Minnesota? Your guess is as good as mine to be honest. I really have no clue but I am going to enjoy each and every minute of what is offered to me while living here. My journey has been interesting and I have no doubt that it will continue to be so for the rest of my life. Stay tuned!

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