Life Metaphors

I have always found Life metaphors to be profoundly interesting. Most of us have our own personal favorite life metaphor while others prefer to see the lessons contained within all of them. Examples of what I mean by life metaphors would be the following:

Life is a School

Life is a Game

Life is a Journey

Life is a Play

I have so much interest in each of these life metaphors that I plan to dedicate upcoming blog posts to each of them. I personally feel that all life metaphors are valid and basically come down to one’s perspective.

I have a feeling that our personal metaphors for life actually change throughout our life depending on what stage of life we are at. For me I feel that I was much more a “Life is a Game” kind of person growing up and then in my early adulthood years a “Life is a Journey” person. I am now starting to feel more like a “Life is a School” kind of guy.

I would love to hear what your favorite life metaphor is. I’d likely write a post on it as well. Let me know if you would like!

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