Learn From Anxiety

For the past couple of weeks, I have been extremely anxious. So anxious that this has caused several anxiety attacks of various degrees where I surely felt this must be the end. This all started with me being sick for about 5 weeks off and on. I think this alone could lead anyone to anxiety to be honest.

But compounded with this sickness is the hidden (even from myself) feeling of loneliness. The underlying lonely feeling in addition to the sickness (Sinus+GERD flare up) is what triggered the recent anxiety. However, it was not easy to see this during the first couple of anxiety attacks.

Thankfully, I am blessed to have an amazing friend who lives in San Francisco and happens to be a Spiritual author of over 20+ books named Barry Zeve. We talk on a weekly basis and he has helped me realize that I must learn through the anxiety rather than try to squash it immediately with affirmations and such.

Through the anxiety, I was able to dig into my subconscious mind to determine the root cause of these feelings. I moved across Country from Texas to Minnesota without knowing anyone but one person here who’s often out of town as a flight attendant. I work from home and typically quickly text friends in Texas. I started to realize there are multiple days in a row where I don’t verbally talk to anyone.

This cannot be healthy for anyone as we are built to be social creatures. So through the life lesson of anxiety, I am now determined to take steps to remove the loneliness from my life. I have a very close friend in Texas who has agreed with me that we will have phone calls at least a couple of times a week to check in.

I will also be going out to social places like the local bars where they have bingo nights and football games and the like. I even just purchased a Gym membership that allows me to bring a friend along for free. I won’t make a million friends overnight, especially in my late 30’s. But I will certainly learn from the anxiety and move forward with lifestyle changes.

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