Identity Clutter – The Minimalists

It’s almost 10pm my time and I almost forgot to write this post for the day! I got caught up in watching a wonderful podcast this evening by the Minimalists titled “Identity Clutter” I have included it below if you are interested.

It interviews the author of a new book just published called “The Story of You” which I am most definitely going to be reading very soon after having watched this podcast episode. It is my “Friday” so I am off the next 3 days which I am excited about. I should also be able to get one or two more substantial posts done during this time.

Tonight, as I sleep the temperature will be dropping to a whopping -8 degrees (negative!) and will be that way when I awake in the morning. I am looking forward to experiencing this temp for the first time in my life. Tomorrow is Bango (Bingo) night at the bar too!


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