From Texas to Minnesota

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I lived there up until I was 23 years old when I embarked on a new journey in life to beautiful San Francisco, California. I spent nearly a decade there learning about myself and the world outside of Texas. I went there to discover my authentic self.

I knew that San Francisco was considered a haven for the LGBT community and I just had to experience this myself. It was a wonderful 8 years there with so many life lessons and even met 2 wonderful lifelong friends of whom I am still in contact with today! One of them in fact now lives in the city I currently reside in.

After 8 years in San Francisco and some months living abroad in Taiwan, I decided it was time for me to go back home with all the knowledge and worldly wisdom I now had. I really wanted to share this with my family and friends if I was able to. But I soon learned it was true that “you can’t go home again”

Home was no longer the same as it was back in 2006 when I originally left it. I was also not the same along with my friends and family who all led lives without me for those 8 years. Change was inevitable and I had to decide what I wanted to do about it. I could re-plant my roots there or decide to find new soil.

I stayed in Texas for 7 years doing everything I could to make it Home again. After awhile though, I realized I was not growing, learning, or able to share much of what I knew with others like I really wanted to. They were not listening. I became distracted and no longer focused on higher goals.

It was time for a big change and shake up in my life again. I decided to make a list of places I would be interested in moving to. The list had several places on it with one very familiar one, San Francisco. The others included Toronto, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Ultimately, I chose Minneapolis!

The main reason was for colder weather, I was completely over the Texas heat which includes 80 degree days in December! I also wanted to plant myself in soil that wasn’t deep Red. As someone in the LGBT community, I needed to be in an open minded cultural environment.  Blue soil feels better for me.

What solidified my decision to move to Minnesota was having my lifelong friend from San Francisco living here with his partner. He convinced me that I should take the plunge! And let me tell you, I am so pleased that I did. Minnesota is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful Midwestern people who smile at you!

I have no idea how long my journey will last in Minnesota, I don’t like to predict the future. However, I do have aspirations to be here for a long while. However, I won’t get ahead of myself. I am going to enjoy each and every day here while I learn and experience things I’ve never experienced before!

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