Freedom of Choice

If it is not a moral issue, there is no such thing as a right or wrong choice. Choices in the non moral realm should be looked at as possibilities. Each choice brings you down a different road with it’s own unique blessings, challenges, and perspectives.

The blessing of free will that we as humans get to enjoy allows us the ability to choose for ourselves the adventure we pursue. No one can make these choices for us nor should we allow anyone to make us feel guilty for the choices we make.

If life is looked at as a school then our choices can be said to be our “Electives”. I personally feel that we learn all the lessons that the Teacher/Spirit wants us to learn in life regardless of the Electives we choose.

The Teacher is wise enough to bring us everything we need in life no matter what direction we choose to go. Because of this, we should not fret over which way we should go or what choice we should make. When making a choice we can learn to relax with the realization that it ultimately does not matter.

It’s your adventure and only you can decide the scenery on your journey. Best of all, you can always change your mind. Give yourself a break if midway you decide this isn’t the right direction. No guilt or shame needed! Every adventure should be treated as an experiment rather than an immutable fate.

For me, this is the only way to truly enjoy life. If you take your choices so seriously, you will become extremely indecisive and stressed over the tiniest bit of details. You do not have to live with the fear of a “right” or “wrong” choice anymore. They are all just possibilities waiting to be explored if you desire.

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