Drawing a Blank

So, it might be Tuesday night for most but I am off Wednesday through Friday each week so that makes tonight my Friday night! I’ve been too distracted recently with my health issues that I haven’t been able to sit down today and come up with a great topic.

But I will say that tomorrow looks to be a very promising day off at least in way of my social life. My local friend will be in town finally and we are going to Bingo night at a local bar in Minneapolis. Bottled water for me though due to my GERD issues. It will be the first time in my life in a bar without a drink. Should be interesting.

Tonight will be a low of 4 degrees with beautiful snow on the ground. The best weather for the Holidays in my personal opinion. Back home in Texas will be 80 degrees on Christmas day, that’s just silly. Anyway, this is a random post and I apologize. Tomorrow will be something more interesting!

  1. Sorry about the health stuff. No fun. Adding the isolation of a cold winter and covid does not help either. Sounds like you are handling it well though!

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