Divine Timing

I felt inspired to write this post this morning following my daily Tarot reading. Tomorrow is the start of a brand new year and it has stirred up a lot of emotions as well as thoughts. Not to mention fears and anxieties.

But the message I got this morning was fairly simple yet provided me with hope and optimism for this new year. The message was “Trust in Divine Timing”. My Spirituality has evolved over the years as I feel it should and there are times when I feel like I fall off a Spiritual wagon of sorts.

Times in my life that cause me to forget my Spiritual path and cause me to lose my trust in the Cosmic process. The strange thing about these times is I can never put my finger on an actual event or issue that causes this to happen. It just does until I suddenly “wake up” again.

I felt as if I had one of these “waking up” moments this morning that triggered inspiration for the upcoming year. So much so that in fear I would fall off the Spiritual wagon again, I wrote down the words “Trust in Divine Timing” on small pieces of paper and strategically placed them around the house whre I would see them every single day without fail to serve as a reminder.

I am going to leave the year 2021 and enter the year 2022 with trust in Divine timing and with faith that things happen exactly when they should happen and not a moment sooner or later. I find myself always rushing the process with impatience needing things my way right away. But, life doesn’t work this way.

Instead, I will take the lessons of life as they arrive and ensure I always study and practice mindfulness throughout each day this year. I will trust that Divine Timing happens like clockwork and I will live each day with gratitude for the blessings that always come my way.

Tomorrow on the first day of the New Year, I will do a Year in Review type post and take a look ahead at the year to come with what I hope to achieve as the year progresses. Should be fun!

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