Daily Tarot Cards

Every morning I wake up to two cups of coffee and a daily 3 card Tarot reading. I started learning to read Tarot cards about two years ago as I’ve always been interested in various Spiritual traditions, especially those that seem somewhat taboo to many. This also explains my interest in the Ouija board.

For me, nothing is taboo or off limits when it comes to learning because as I mentioned before, we know absolutely nothing for certain in this life. I also feel that people have a misconception about what Tarot cards are and what they can do. Let me be clear, I do not believe that Tarot can tell the future.

For me personally, I feel that the future is not written until you make the choices in the present moment that begin to define your future. Therefore, it would not be possible for Tarot cards to know what will happen in your future. This is not the purpose of my 3 card Tarot reading each morning.

I do a 3 card spread called “Know, Do, and Release”. The first card in the spread tells me what I need to know for the day. The second card in the spread tells me what action I should take for the day. And the third card in the spread tells me what I need to release. The Tarot for me is a conversation with my subconscious mind, not a magic fortune telling device.

I do feel that our subconscious mind is more powerful than we might realize and has the ability to use tools in the physical world such as Tarot cards and Ouija boards to bring us messages. I don’t claim to know how this works nor do I dogmatically cling to this idea at all. However, I do love entertaining this idea and it has proved beneficial to me personally, so I’ll continue doing this for now.


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