Cool or Warm Mist Humidifiers

So recently I had purchased a warm mist humidifier at Target due to the Sinus infection I had and the post nasal drip I am still dealing with. My body is used to Texas humidity rather than this cold air and dry indoor air with the heater on.

However, I have only been using it at night in the bedroom because you have to buy and use distilled water which starts to get annoying to buy all the time as it always looks like I am some kind of prepper at the store with all the jugs in my cart LOL

However, I am finding that my post nasal drip is horrid during the afternoon hours and causes me such annoyance and anxiety that I am in need to use a humidifier all day now. But I  just learned today that warm mist humidifiers may not actually help much with this issue.

Apparently studies have been done to say that sinus sufferers should be using cool mist humidifiers. Who knew? So, I just purchased a really state of the art looking cool mist humidifier that also does warm mist if you want it. I was able to do this thanks to Christmas money from family and friends.

I ended up purchasing this fancy looking one:  It is supposed to arrive Thursday. Here’s hoping it actually does the trick. I’m just gonna have to stock up on distilled water each time I run to the grocery store and try not to look like a hoarder!

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