Christmas with Family

Tonight is Christmas Eve and before moving to Minnesota I would spend this Eve with my family back home eating the most delicious cookies my mom baked and exchanging gifts. But tonight, I spent Christmas Eve with my new family!

Thankfully I was not alone but spent the evening with my long time friend and his partner. They taught me how to play Cribbage which I had never heard of before and we ate the most delicious prime Rib followed by a Betty White special on Netflix. Overall, a wonderful evening.

We can’t actually choose our blood relatives in life but we can certainly choose our family of friends that come into our lives. Living in a totally new State, I must form a new family here with new friends and new Holiday traditions for those times I don’t get to make it back home to Texas.

I have newfound optimism that life here in Minnesota has some very interesting and fun surprises around the corner for me in the upcoming year! The exciting thing about life is that you really don’t know what tomorrow will bring which may include new lifelong friends.

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