Back in Texas

So the big news I was going to share is that instead of waiting until July, I decided to fly back to Texas today. I just could not bear more winter weather that was -30 below. It was starting to weigh too much on me.

I still have my apartment in Minnesota until July so I do have to go back and settle affairs and get my car back at a later date but for now I had to be away from that weather. I went from -30 this morning to a beautiful fresh 55 degrees! 70 degrees warmer!

So I will be in San Antonio for least a couple of months as far as I can tell. I am going to play it by ear and see how things go here. Thank goodness for having such a great remote job that allows me to do this!

  1. I am listening to Range which talks about a lot of things but one of them is that knowing when to quit something is really important. If there is a plan that isn’t working out then it may be best to quit and try something else. I think this is a great example of this. Quitting living somewhere is a huge decision for many reasons. Good on you for figuring it out and taking action.

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